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Adolescent DBT Program

Are you an adolescent and find it difficult to regulate your emotions and behaviours? Dialectial Behaviour Therapy can help!

Adolescent DBT Program

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Dara Health, 305 Ross Ave, Cochrane, AB T4C 1C9, Canada

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Are you experiencing frequent thoughts that you would be better off dead?  Are you engaging in frequent impulsive or self-destructive behaviours (cutting, substance abuse, binging/purging, or poor school attendance?  Are you experiencing problems managing anger and stressful situations?  Are you experiencing frequent and intense conflict with peers and/or family members?  Are you experiencing fearful thoughts that others are purposely out to get you or harm you?  Are you experiencing intense feelings of emptiness and numbness?  Are you experiencing unclarity of who you are or that you even exist?

If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, the DBT program may be for you.  You will learn mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and walking the middle path of living a more balanced life.

DBT is an evidenced-based therapy and this particular program is designed to treat adolescents and young adults (ages 12 - 18) who exhibit difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviours.  DBT helps individuals acquire skills to improve impulse control, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and learn skills to replace harmful thoughts and behaviours with healthier ones.  The goals of DBT are to decrease self-harm and suicidal behaviours and other risky behaviours, decrease behaviours that interfere with treatment, and increase the ability to regulate emotions and behaviours.

DBT is offered in 3 ways:

  1. Group:  90 minutes once a week for 24 weeks
  2. Individual Sessions
  3. Telephone Coaching:  Teens and their caregivers can request brief telephone coaching between sessions to help them generalize their skills outside of therapy.

For more information, please contact Najwa Zahr MSW, RSW at 403-615-1808 or najwa.zahr@bluestonetherapy.ca 

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